Issue #7: Arts and Literature




MULTI-ARTIST FEATURE: Self-Portraits Across Disciplines

Sula Bermudez, Douglas Campos, Emma Horwitz, Kate Liebman, Genesee Nelson, and Jonathan Small


Grant Hyun  DOCUMENTARY FILM: Matous
Original music by Stefan Weich 


Natural clay sculpture by Taylor Kamsler

Emma Wartzman  ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE: An Interview with Taylor Kamsler


FEATURED PHOTOGRAPHER: Hannah La Follette Ryan's Spontaneous Geometries


Jack Levinson  FICTION EXCERPT: "Square Circle Meet Portia at the Twist-Off Party" 


 Self-portrait by Douglas Campos


FEATURED PAINTER: Allison Kalt's Photorealistic Portraits


Marilu Garcia  POEM: Fourteen Ways of Looking at Harry Potter